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Services We Provide


"Where creativity rules and your brand thrives"

Hospitality & Management

◘ Restaurants




An all-encompassing solution for your venue. We offer on-site auditing, detailed reporting, management, consulting, and staff training to optimize efficiency and inventory control. Whether you’re part of an international hospitality chain or an independent operator, we have customized solutions to fit your brand perfectly.



Marketing Consulting

◘ Hotels

◘ Nightclubs

◘ Bars


◘ Transportation

◘ Corporate Identity (Branding)


◘ Application Design


◘ Video Production


◘ Advertising


◘ Event Management


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◘ Internet Marketing



◘ Graphic Design


◘ Project Management & More


We offer an array of marketing solutions for small businesses that can be customized to each client’s goals and budget.


Basic Corporate Marketing- The foundations on which businesses are built! Business cards, brochures, flyers, signs, and decals are a few of the products we develop for new and growing businesses.


Online Marketing- Communicate with your customers via newsletter, email campaigns, presentations, blogs, and social networking pages.


Traditional Marketing- Newspaper, magazine and radio advertising, direct mail campaigns, coupons, and custom promotional items.

Public Relations

◘ Spokesperson Alignment & Development


◘ Partnerships


◘ Public Relations Appearances

◘ Speaking Engagements

◘ Event Procurement

◘ Branded Content


◘ Product Placement

Today’s Public Relations must impact Main Street as well as Wall Street. And that’s what we do, by leveraging local insights and using media and influencers outreach to shape community, national and global opinion. Our offerings include media and investor relations, community engagement and grassroots events, social content development and community management.


Media & Motion

◘ Online Video



◘ Broadcast Video



◘ Motion Graphics



◘ Post Production



◘ Corporate Video



Using video to communicate with your clients is easier than ever. Nearly half the population of the United States can watch a video within a few seconds using their smartphone, and most people own technology that is capable of capturing, editing, and posting those same videos. Aside from traditional advertising spots, online video is an increasingly important part of your overall communication strategy. On top of that, video is one of the best tools for training your employees and reinforcing your brand. 


Concierge Service

◘ VIP Service


◘ Nightclubs, Hotels, Restaurants, Concerts, Sporting Events & more


◘ Luxury Rentals (Properties -Short/ Long Term, Water Jetpacks, Jet Skis, Boats/ Yachts, Helicopters, Private Planes, Cars & more)


◘ Private & Special Events (Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, Small/Private Dinner Parties, Luxury Branding Events, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Marriage proposals & more)


◘ Nightclubs, Hotels, Restaurants, Concerts, Sporting Events & more


◘ First Class Travel Tour Packages & Group Packages


◘ Entertainers (Trained Dancers, Models, Musicians & Artists)


We assist our clients with luxury rentals such as, exotic cars and yachts, private planes, and luxury rental properties for both short and long term. We also coordinate private and special events, first class travel tour packages, small and private dinner parties, luxury branding events, birthdays, anniversaries, and one on one special occasion such as marriage proposals and anniversaries.

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